Digital excellence comes in many shapes. The MTM portfolio agencies are complimentary and interconnected. When supported by the best creative thinking, these non-competing specialists help brands maintain relevance at the moments that matter.

We focus on the high growth Dynamic Consumer Experience space, covering brand service design, global communications, experience design, digital and social engagement, media optimization, content production, experiential marketing.

New York City

Local Projects is an internationally recognized and highly awarded experience and media design firm for cultural institutions and corporate clients. They have a highly skilled in-house creative technology team working side-by-side with a complete physical design and architectural team.  This combination is at the core of their focus on innovation and helps to deliver high-precision, technology-enabled brand activation for their clients.

Experience Designers


New York City

Syndicate Sub Rosa is a brand strategy agency with a formidable lineup of A-list clients, a strong reputation centered on ‘Applied Empathy,’ and a multifunctional staff of design thinkers who specialize in helping brands build narratives that connect with people and shape the brand story for clients.

Brand Strategy & Design


London, New York, Milan, Shanghai

Camron is a premier PR agency that represents companies who understand the way in which great design defines their businesses. Camron manages and oversees all aspects of the global communication process. which includes being the first port of call for all journalists, acting as the hub for communication and ensuring that there is a unity of message and delivery across the world and across media channels.

Global Communications


Los Angeles

NOM is a video advertising platform that helps brands run ads safely on YouTube and across social media properties. We are known for providing transparency where others won’t, bringing safety and peace of mind to advertisers.

Brand-Optimized Video Ad Solutions (click for audio)


MTM is designed to serve and support our family of agencies so that they may continue to operate Best Alone, Better Together.

Analytics & Insight

Enables clients to enhance their ROI and IROI through understanding critical audiences, cultural intelligence, and social listening.


Production of dynamic content across all channels, mediums, and platforms.

Client Eye

Cross collaboration for clients including new business support, market, vertical, and client intelligence.

People Smart

Platforms dedicated to deploying the right resources to specific client service tasks.

Business Affairs & Secretariat

Supporting the network on key management and maintenance of business affairs and secretariat.

Financial Reporting & Operational Guidance

Financial husbandry and accretive value to each agency, beyond just standardized reporting.



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